These paintings are selected for an exhibition at the Haags Gemeente Museum on behalf of the book presentation (05 October 2001) Mesdag the painter of the North Sea (Click on a picture to see a larger view).

Poort no.: 1866.01
  Near the lighthouse
Poort no.: 1873.09
  Winter work
Poort no.: 1874.17
poort no.: 1879.09
  Along the Dutch coast
Poort no.: 1885.02.S
Poort no.: 1889.08
Hiver de 1891
(au bord de la mer)
Poort no.: 1891.03
  Returning boats
Poort no.: 1895.18
  Returned boats
Poort no.: 1896.05
Moment critique pour les barques de pêcheurs5
Poort no.: 1896.19.S
Poort no.: 1897.03
Soir d'été à Scheveningue
Poort no.: 1900.02.S
Les Brisants II
poortnr.: 2010.35
  Departing fleet
Poort no.: 2013.12
  Fishing boats at sea
poort no.: 2020.34
Ship in distress
Poort no.: 2024.05
  Bomschuiten on the beach
Poort no.: 2034.03
  The surf
Poort no.: 3010.09
The Scheveningen 86
Poort no.: 3013.04
  Activity on the beach
Poort no.: 3022.01
  Shrimp fishing
Poort no.: 3023.01
People and bomschuit
Poort no.: 3030.12
Poort no.: 3040.02

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