Mesdag publications

For over 20 years The Mesdag Documentation Society has been collecting and cataloguing information, related to Hendrik Willem Mesdag, his wife Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten and both their work. This information is made accessible to others via publications and exhibitions. Moreover, the Society registered all the work of H.W. Mesdag by the allocation of an unique number, called the Poort number. Sientje’s works are also documented and given their own number.


Publications that have already appeared:

  1. Hendrik Willem Mesdag, Artiste peintre à la Haye (1981)
  2. Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915), Oeuvrecatalogus (1989)
  3. Mesdag, Leven en Werk (1991)
  4. Mesdag, Life and Work (3rd edition, 1994)
  5. Mesdag, Leben und Werk (1994)
  6. Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915), Oeuvrecatalogus de Schetsen(1994)
  7. Hendrik Willem Mesdag en Pulchri Studio (1995)
  8. H.W. Mesdag, De Copieboeken of De Wording van de Haagse School(1996)
  9. Mesdag, the Painter of the North Sea, by Zilcken, a closer look, Facsimile uitgave (1996)
  10. Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915), Oeuvrecatalogus Supplement (1998)
  11. Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831 1915), Zeeschilder van de Haagse School (1999) (foreword by Peter Thoben)
  12. Sientje Mesdag-van Houten 1834-1909 (2000) (in coop. with Drs Sarah de Clrecq)
  13. Mesdag, The Painter of the North Sea (october 2001)
  14. Mesdag, De Schilder van de Noord Zee (october 2001)
  15. Mesdag, le Paintre de la Mer du Nord (october 2001)
  16. Oeuvrecatalogus in beeld (october 2001)

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